Silver Lining Telecom Consultants

Sourcing Solutions, Savings Strategies and Expense Management

First and foremost, Silver Lining Telecom L.L.C. provides consulting services to reduce the costs and improve the quality of your fixed and mobile telecom services.

Most companies are paying too much for telecom services. Your company is probably one of them.

Studies by leading IT research organizations have shown that over 80% of telecom customers do not have “leading edge” market rates and contracts. The difference can be significant - as much as 50% to 75% variance! Also, don’t assume that a proposed or recent contract is good simply because the rates are lower than your last contract. The market changes rapidly and costs continue to come down.

Let’s face it, dealing with Telecom carriers and the related billing and contract issues is a problem for most companies. Silver Lining Telecom is a consultancy dedicated to providing unique sourcing solutions i.e. a “silver lining” to the “dark cloud” of Telecom expense that hangs over most enterprises.

At Silverlining Telecom, Knowledge is PowerThe greatest single impact on your telecom and IT expenses is the ability to negotiate effectively with providers in order to source telecom services at the best possible prices, terms and conditions. This requires a combination of knowledge and skill sets not usually found within most companies.

It’s not that internal Sourcing, IT or Telecom personnel aren’t capable or that they aren’t earnestly putting forth their best efforts but, by definition, they are only working with limited tools and information. In other words, internal resources can only know about the pricing, terms and conditions of the their current providers and contracts but have no way of knowing how those details stack up against the leading edge of today’s market.

By contrast, we at Silver Lining Telecom not only have years of experience dealing with carriers and contracts but also have the benefit of knowing exactly where the leading edge of the market is because of our ongoing experience in dealing with multiple service providers across a wide geographic scope.