We have found that over half of the companies we talk to are in violation of the Federal Sourcing Act’s PPU (Place of Primary Use) requirements and don’t even realize it!

In addition, with wireless tax rates ranging as high as 26.29% the amount of spending related to wireless taxes is significant. 

We've found that by using the Wireless Tax Optimizer tool we can cut spending on wireless taxes by 20%-30%.

To get more in-depth details, download the White Paper from our website but here are some key features of the unique and exclusive tool we utilize to address these concerns:

  1. No other TEM provider has this Wireless Tax Optimizer tool – it is a unique, proprietary and patented capability.
  2. We can audit and address tax compliance issues with this tool – again nobody else can do this.
  3. Using this tool’s unique chargeback features, we can provide financial management/ chargeback ability that nobody else can offer.

We are advising companies to get out in front of this issue before it’s too late.